Best Cold Press Juicer for a Juice Bar

Cold press juicing is a relatively recent technology which promises great juice yielding results. Of course, nothing else is as resourceful and as basic as having a perfectly functional tool of work in your business.

Yet lack of such a tool can disastrously affect your business aspirations. Think of all the time and resources you have invested in your juice bar. Definitely, without the best juicer, it is a painful narrative that all your efforts are worthless.

And because you wouldn’t want to take that absurd course, here comes the ultimate solution that demands your sober resolution-buying the best cold press juicer for your juice bar. If you are not prepared to make losses in juice bar merely because of failing to choose the best cold press juicer, read this review.

What is the best cold press juicer?

Cold press juicing

Juicers are available in a range of types defined by their mode of performance. One outstanding feature that distinguishes cold press juicers from other types is their high nutrient retention ability.

Such juicers work by perfectly crushing the vegetables and fruits, followed by efficient pressing without much heat production. Production of little or no heat is what perfects their functionality by allowing for maximum nutrient retention.

Apart from low heat production, masticating juicers also run at a low speed and this prevents oxidation from taking place. Apart from these, we have a number of reasons we suggest that you buy the best slow masticator. Read the following points to discover what is unique about the cold press juicer.

High level of efficiency

High level of efficiency

The best cold press juicers not only produce great results but also do so in a great way. Though slow in motion, it is doubtless that no other juicer can cleanse, make green juices and nut milk as the cold press juicer can do. In so doing, you are sure that customers who are up for packing fresh and juicy nutrients into their bodies will optimally gratify their needs at your juice bar.

This, however, doesn’t eliminate the presence and role of scammers in this industry. They’d try to come up with other gadgets that resemble cold press juicers and

lure you into buying. For this reason, we caution that you read through the reviews thoroughly prior to your final decision. Also, ensure that you’re buying from a reputable brand.


Convenience in your juicer concerns aspects such as pulp collection system and noise production among others. Basically, anything that contributes to your comfort while using your juicer contributes immensely to convenience. If you need to collect your juice continuously as you definitely would do, consider a cold press juicer with sufficient pulp collection system.

This is a core aspect of convenience. Additionally, the fact that cold press juicers operate silently is another great aspect of convenience on side of the user. In fact, you aren’t worried about noise at all while using cold juicers. As the commentators who have already benefited from such juicers assert, you can clearly hear your television as you go on juicing.

Multipurpose nature (Versatility)

Juicers are not appliances that you’ll easily buy in multiples. That is why we recommend that you go for a juicer that can also act as a blender as well as a pasta maker. As an extension, your juicer becomes a welcome respite for more income when you can use it as a food homogenizer, butter maker or a coffee grinder.

Although you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get such a great appliance, in the long-run, you will be operating on the upper limits of profit maximization.

Usability and maintenance

In a manner of speaking

In a manner of speaking, your juicer is as perfect as your ability to make use of it. Of what benefit is it to buy something you can’t use? But because you’ll be planning to buy one for your juice bar, I’m sure you have instituted the right program and recruited the best qualified-staff.

What is important is to ensure that whoever has to operate the juicer has the utmost mastery of its mode of operation and can get the best out of it. This applies to maintenance. Choose a juicer that is easy to maintain without of course sacrificing efficiency.

Wrapping up

Having learnt of the core aspects of consideration while looking for the best masticating juicer, what remains is for you to make a sound decision and take a step of confidence for the sake of your business.

Although it will require you to add something on top of what you’d have spent purchasing a centrifugal juicer, what you will move away with is a perfectionist. Buy the best cold press juicer and transform your juice bar once and for all.