Making A Healthy Profit In The Juice Bar Business

Making A Healthy Profit In The Juice Bar Business

The usefulness of freshly squeezed juices has long been recognized worldwide. However, many people do not have time, every day to prepare vitamin drinks because of the lack of time. Well, with this successfully handles fresh-bars, giving customers a choice of a wide range of nutritional juices. And visitors like it. That’s why starting entrepreneurs can consider such an institution as a lucrative business activity.

How to design a fresh bar: ideas for a freshly squeezed juice bar

Buyers visit the fresh-air bar spontaneously. By principle I saw, wanted and bought. A guided visit is a rare case. Therefore, the design has only two requirements: bright colors and memorability. For example, it is difficult to pass by a bar counter, made in the form of an orange or other fruit. This is bright, effective and understandable to the consumer.

Entrepreneurs working in this segment, at the initial stage, do not bother with designer research.

They are limited to:

  1. Pasting the bar with photos of fruits.
  2. Layout in the show-windows of fruit assortment.
  3. Filling transparent vessels with various fruits and placing them on shelves.
  4. Order of a bright signboard such as “Vitamins from the garden”, “Drinks for the whole family.”


Design will be required when opening a network of bars. Then certainly not without the additional costs for the services of the designer to develop their own style. In this aspect, franchising of similar bars is good – the businessman is provided with the ready design of the outlet.

What juice is more profitable to sell in the fresh-bar: assortment of a bar of freshly squeezed juice

It is more profitable to sell juices from popular fruits.

In this aspect, buyers prefer the following fresh:

  • To the grapefruit.
  • To the orange.
  • Apple.


Vegetable juices are also highly rated, well sold:

Beet and carrot

  1. Beet and carrot.
  2. Celery and tomato.


Here, perhaps, and the whole list of the basic assortment. However, with such a limited list of beverages, it is difficult to spin the business. Consumers are attracted by the variety of offers. Therefore, the assortment line is complemented by fruit smoothies (cocktails with berry-fruit puree, milk and other ingredients), mineral water, fruit ice cream, tea or coffee, desserts.

What equipment does it take to run a fresh bar?

When purchasing equipment, the working areas of the bar and menu are taken into account. In fact, any bar is divided into two zones: in one raw material is washed, in the other, drinks are prepared.

The Fresh Bar is completed with


The Fresh Bar is completed with:

  • Professional level juicers. They should be two – for the production of juices from citrus (pomegranates) and for other fruit and vegetable drinks.
  • Sink and fridge.
  • Refrigerated showcase and ice maker.
  • A device intended for cleaning raw materials.
  • Blender and mixer.
  • Bar counter.
  • Cabinets in which inventory will be stored.
  • Disposable dishes, bottles.


The sale of ice cream, coffee and other products involves the purchase of additional equipment.

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